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Site Construction

My primary focus on web site programming has been with PHP/MySQL and moving data in and out of database. While your site may not need to be that complicated, I can use that ability to make smaller sites more efficient and accurate. On the other hand, if you want a site with dynamic content or a custom content management system (CMS), I can help with that too.

I can also help you set-up and and customize an open source program, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. These are free publishing platforms that have powerful back end features for everyday users. Initial setup can be a chore if you are new to web publishing, but this is a possible option to get more content on-line -especially if you are on a tight budget!


I have lots of experience with ecommerce sites and on-line catalogs. I enjoy building this type of site the most and can tailor the product display, shopping cart, shipping calculator, etc. to your exact liking. This type of site takes longer to build than information only sites, but since the site can generate revenue directly, it may be well worth the investment!


In some ways a web site is like an advertisement or brochure, but in other ways they are very different. The primary difference is that web sites are dynamic and to be at their best, they should be updated regularly or at least periodically. There are several ways that I can enable you to manage your own content directly or for a fraction of the build cost, I can do the updates for you.

Domain Name Registration

If you do not already own a domain name, I will be happy to help you with the process. It is very easy and only costs about $10/year. I do not charge anything for this as you will purchase the domain name directly and therefore own the domain name. Again, I will gladly help you with the setup.


Paying a small web design company for hosting is a bit like paying your auto mechanic to build a car for you. Not only are costs significantly higher, but the product isn't nearly as nice. Like, Ford, Honda, or Mercedes Benz, big hosting companies have volume on their side. They offer all the server space you need for amazingly low prices. As with registering your domain name, I will be glad to walk you through this process for no additional cost. It only takes a moment to set-up.

Search Engine Positioning

What good is a web site if nobody knows it exists? I have a lot of experience with search engine positioning (SEP or alternately SEO -optimization). Having the proper page titles in place, the right keywords, and using header tags are just some of the ways we can get your site to show up on relevant searches. To see how well it works, type in the word "cactus" in a search engine and see where my web site is ranked. helpful web design

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